St. Ignatius Cemetery

The original cemetery was next to the original chapel on the southern edge of Chapel Point near the water.  While a brick chapel which is now our sacristy was built in 1697, burials continued at the old cemetery next to the old chapel until 1867.

Following the destruction of many of the tombstones, by members of the Union army in April of 1865, the church decided to move the cemetery up onto the hill where it is today.

A new section of the cemetery was added in 2013 at the base of the hill, allowing the parish to resume the sale of grave sites. There is no reasonable possibility of  further expansion, so the parish has been forced to limited sales to active parishioners.

Cemetery Decorations
Please avoid the use of styrofoam based flower arrangements. They tend to blow away in the wind and litter the cemetery and surrounding vegetation. As much as possible please use artificial or cut flowers in spiked vases.